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To preserve the heritage of this special military organization and its members
To recognize outstanding members and their contributions
To keep members informed
To encourage reunions and contacts between members

Catch A Falling Star Reunion 2015


Aloha, the next 6594th Test Group/6593rd Test Squadron reunion is scheduled for

September 14-18, 2015.  The attached Save-The-Date provides information with which to make your hotel reservations starting September 14, 2014 at the Hale Koa Hotel in Honolulu or Bellows AFS.  Also, please tell us whether you will, may or won't attend so that we can get an estimate on the size of the reunion.  Like the 2010 reunion, there will be activities such as tennis and golf, as well as others to be announced which we will provide more specifics on early in 2015.  So please take a moment to tell us whether you plan to attend.
In addition, we have attached a current listing of members which we ask you to review to determine any members we may be missing or those who may no longer be with us so that we can keep the list up to date.  If you have contact information for any we have missed, please send it to me.
We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible next year, so again, please respond.


Mike & Pam Dauth (in Test Squadron 1970-1975)




Thank you Ray Romero and Wendy Armstrong (and may others) for all your hard work on the 50th Reunion of August 2010. Now it is time to thank Mike and Pam Dauth for volunteering to take on the duties of chairing the reunion committee for the 55th reunion.

50th Anniversary Reunion

It was loads of fun!

This is a picture of the Plaque that was placed at the Flag Pole on the 19th of September 2010




C-3/E.Cox/ado/T 14 Jul 61

Ltr, 6593 Test Sq (Special) (TTA), 6 Sep 60, Sq Insignia

Hq USAF, Washington 25, D.C.                  JUL 14 1961      

TO: AFSC (SCPS)     


1 In accordance with AFR 900-3, 5 November 1959, the following emblem is approved for the 6593d Test Squadron (Special):


Description:  On a white rectangle bordered red, an Air Force golden yellow lightning flash bendwise throughout, pointed upward, edged red, surmounted by an Air Force blue falcon in flight, beak and talons Air

Force golden yellow, outlines Air Force blue, details and markings while, his talons grasping a red parachute dropping to base.   

Significance: The emblem is symbolic of the squadron and its mission against a lightning streak representing the speed and accuracy of the unit’s test operations, a falcon (representing the sharp mind and keen

sight required by crew members and the flying skill exhibited by the pilots) is displayed in flight grasping a parachute (symbolizing the ability of the aircraft to retrieve  a parachuting satellite from celestial

regions).  Because the falcon is known for its fierce determination to follow through on anything it undertakes, it represents the spirit of the squadron to succeed at the most unusual aerial recovery in modern aviation history.  The emblem bears the Air Force colors, ultramarine blue and golden yellow, and the nation colors, red, white and blue.

2.   Attached is the official painting of the emblem described above, to be forwarded to the unit for file and guidance in reproduction.










SIGNIFICANCE:  The golden falcon’s wings stand for the 6594th Test group.  They are joined “in lure” in reference to the units mission of recovering components ejected from space vehicles in orbit.  The term “in lure” is derived from the training of the falcons.

The “lure”, two wings conjoined, is attached to a cord and thrown into the air to attract and recall the birds in flight.  The blazing star descending from the upper part of the shield represents a space vehicle returning from orbit.  It also stands for Air Force star denoting that the group holds the Air Force Outstanding Unit Award.  The gold arches in the lower part of the shield represent radar emanations.  They refer to the organizations mission of developing capabilities to track space satellites.  Ultramarine blue and golden yellow stand for the Air Force.


BLAZON:  Per pale azure (ultramarine) and azure (celestial) and per bend counterchanged, issuing from dexter chief a blazing descending bendwise the horizontal points forming two wings displayed and inverted argent and trailed ov six of the last and gules, in sinister base four barrulets bendwise arched and couped or all between two pairs of hawk’s wings conjoined in lure elevated of the last within a diminished border gold.






               The 6594 Test Group operated from Hickam Air Force Base for twenty-seven

               years (1958-1986) retrieving film capsules in support of the “Corona” and follow on

               Spy Satellite Programs.

              Historians consider the “Corona” Program’s mission successes to be equivalent

              in Aerospace significance to the Wright Brothers and First Flight, or Yeager,

              and Breaking the Sound Barrier.  

              The “Corona” Program accomplished the following firsts:

                 1) First return of an object placed in Earth’s orbit.

           2) First pictures of Earth from space.

           3) First space program with more than one return capsule.

           4) First space program to reach 100 missions (145 Total).





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